Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Ozindus! These Terms and Conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of our website, products, and services. All content on Ozindus including text, graphics, logos, images and software is the property of Ozindus and is protected by intellectual property laws. You are not allowed to use or reproduce Ozindus content without our written consent.

Product Descriptions: We are doing best to provide the details about the products and services in product description as much as possible however it is not possible to provide information 100% error free. We don’t give any warranty that product description would be free from error.

Formation of order; what need to follow when you order the products and services. Customers can order the products on Facebook or on the website > www.ozindus.com. Orders are finalized only when you pay the full amount of product. Payment can be made by Debit/Credit card or by PayPal and you must have sufficient funds in your account to pay. You will receive a confirmation email once your payment processed. We might send an email to ask you to provide additional information if payment is not going through. Ozindus reserve the right to cancel your order due to any circumstances like error in price level, unavailability of products, error in your order, or not enough cash in your account.

Products in stock or not: You might order the products on the website but products might be occasionally out of stock. The product might be in stock when you click the product photo but it might be out of stock by the time you are going to pay, these kinds of errors happen sometimes.  Because of poor internet connection, your order might be declined or delayed, Ozindus is not responsible for such kind of disruptions. Please send us an email and we will do the best to sort out the problem. Users or customers might face some disruptions to use our website, it may occur when there is work for maintenance to improve the quality of service and we will try minimising disruption time as minimally as possible.

Product price could be different from time to time & might in excluded delivery charges: we believe more in providing product quality rather than price match. We want to provide best quality product as well as with best price for the customers therefore customers feel proud to be associated with us and with our business. There could be price variation sometimes, price could be different in the past or in the future rather than what you have already paid for the product. We don’t offer price match or price protection. Some prices written under the products include delivery charges and some exclude delivery charges, it will always be clearly stated. There might be some products that include delivery charges but you have to pay extra charges if you want delivery quicker than the normal estimated time.  You can read the product details carefully below the product and please send us an email if you have any questions. We reserve the right to limit the product quantity of purchase by customers. We might put restrictions on customers to buy only a product by one customer in some circumstances. We might not have enough stock or there may be other reasons  exceptional circumstances.

We accept one-way payment method (not payment in instalments). Payment has to be made by the time you finalize the order to purchase the products. You must authorize us and our third parties to accept your payment when you buy the product from our website. You authorize us to get payment from your account when you finalize order and click to pay the payment under our Terms and Conditions. Sometimes mistake can occur when you process the payment to order the product, but we don’t give any warranty if a mistake occurs, customer is responsible for it. Please contact us and we will do our best to sort out the mistake if we can.

We accept payment with Credit/Debit card and PayPal. We don’t not allow customers to pay the payments by instalments, although you might see the advert on our website by PayPal (pay in 4). We allow customers to pay in one payment to process the order to buy the products rather than multiple times to pay. We have the right to refuse your order until we accept it. To make sure your order goes through and is accepted, please read and follow our Terms & conditions as well as our privacy policy. You have still the right to cancel the order after you have bought the product, but you have to pay delivery charges if the order has been dispatched. There will be no  charges if you cancel the order before it has been dispatched.

 Delivery: Product delivery time is not accurate or an exact time it is estimated time. We will endeavour to send the products to customers as soon as possible. There might be extra delivery charges if you want to receive your products quicker and we can do express delivery if you need the product quick than expected estimate time. We will inform you time to time with delivery updates.  Please check your delivery address as well email address twice before you finalize the order.  You will have to pay extra redelivery charges if you have provided incomplete or incorrect delivery address by mistake because the products will be delivered on the address what you have provided to us.

We will send an email immediately to confirm your order once we receive the payment. It is the delivery companies’ responsibility to send your products to your home or business address in estimated time and they will contact you through text message (SMS) or they might ring you if they need to ask about your delivery address. But you can still send us an email to get update about your delivery if you need to.
Most of time we use email addresses to communicate with customers. It wouldn’t be possible to communicate with you if you haven’t sent the right email address to us. It is the customer or user’s responsibility to check and update their email address regularly.
Delivery Charges can’t be refunded if we have already dispatched your order. You have to pay the full delivery charges if the order has been dispatched to your given address by the time you cancel the order. We are happy to refund all money including delivery charges if you cancel your order before we dispatch your product.

Products fault or damage issues: We are doing our best to send the product with high quality and with best customer service. You can return a product to us in 30 days after the date you receive the products if you change your mind or product is faulty. We wouldn’t be able to return the product without the receipt which we send you by an email when you buy the product. We need the receipt to check the product and date in which you have purchased it. We need photos if the product is damaged or faulty. We will contact you after you send these documents if you want us to refund the cost at purchase into your account or you want to replace the product.

Comment and review: Customers’ comments and reviews always welcome and you can write a review on our social media page or send an email with feedback or if you want to tell us anything about our business, products or customer service. Ozindus reserves the right to republish customers’ comments or reviews in another page (social media page) or in our website. We wouldn’t change any wording of your reviews or comments but we reserve the rights to copy these comments and paste to another page or in our website to show your appreciation about our products or services. We reserve the right to pass your comments or reviews to the third-party marketing companies for marketing purpose.
Ozindus doesn’t allow derogatory, defamatory, harassing, bullying or inappropriate comments on our website or on our social media page. We don’t allow users to upload any content to our social media page or to our website, write inappropriate content or link our website with any links. We have the right to remove any comment or review without informing you if we think it’s not appropriate or doesn’t comply with our Terms and Conditions. Ozindus might give a warning to a customer and block anyone who try to write inappropriate content and are not following the Terms & Conditions stated. We reserve the right to take legal action if someone tries to hack our website and try to defame our business reputation through your content which has been written in comments or reviews.

 Read our private policy and Terms & Conditions: By visiting the website or finalizing the order, you agree with these Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy which constitute a legal agreement between Ozindus and users or customers who has been visiting our website. We recommend reading our privacy policy page as well as Terms and Conditions pages regularly.

Security about your PC or device: it is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account details including password and personal details. We can’t guarantee there will be any security breach when customers visit our website about viruses or other spyware.

Governing law to our business is NSW , Australia law: Ozindus reserves the right to update and change its Terms and Conditions anytime. Changes will be affected immediately upon posting; we recommend you to read our Terms and Conditions regularly. NSW’s law governs these Terms and Conditions under which you purchase the products. We will do the best to solve if any dispute arises between customers and us. We agree that either of party is entitled to go to court if not satisfied with the outcome. Ozindus is entitled to disclose customers’ any information to Australian law enforcement agencies in relation to an investigation or criminal activities as detailed in Australian Consumer Law Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 or equivalent State or Territory laws.

Thanks for reading our Terms and Conditions, please contact us via ozindus@gmail.com if you have any enquiry or question.